October 7, 2021

Hello beloveds!

Fall is such a rich time to survey what we’ve planted. We can see the results in the landscape of our lives.

You know that old adage, we reap what we sow. The challenge and its twin sister, opportunity, is the discovery of patterns of belief that are not serving us. Thus, this week’s Musing is focused on helping us to unearth patterns to see and transcend.

We can set the intention to have the work we do in consciousness help all those around us. I hold in intention that the light I shine to lift energetic denseness in my own life, uplifts and graces all of you. I’m so very grateful Source knows the way to shower you with blessings.

Blessings all!

Permission to Harvest Self-Care

How do we take care of ourselves? Nails and hair? Ok check. Cardiovascular wellbeing? Check. Eating right, most of the time? Check. Practicing meditation or some level of mindfulness or self-awareness? Check.  

Those are the easy ones. Really, they are. Maybe not all of the time, but most of our routines carry us forward in a positive manner. Most of us incorporate some level of necessary self-management into the fabric of our routines.

There are other parts of our lives, however, that sit in the shadow. They rise up to let us know they are there when we are in some kind of emotional, mental or psychic pain. Their voices fill our heads with dense energy and lower vibrational thoughts. Our soul is on a mission to heal.

Within me is love. Within me is all the nurturing and self-care I could ever possibly need. Within me is the energy to manifest everything I need in my life to enjoy it thoroughly and completely. I observe this situation (fill in the blanks) in my mind with love and kindness. I ask it: What are you trying to tell me? How can I better take care of myself in this situation? I release and let go into the grace of knowing the answers will come. The wisdom to follow through with authentic and complete self-care will be revealed.

When we feel stressed about a situation beyond our control, is an example. However, we do have some control in every situation no matter how difficult. It is our response to it.

In more personal experiences, maybe the situation is begging us to create an opening within, to be with the thoughts, send them kind energy and see what they have to say.

Maybe the pain body, as Eckhart Tolle calls it, is bringing an opportunity to look within and identify an area of self-care we’ve left sitting on the shelf.   

The situation could be an invitation to see how we have not cared for ourselves very well. What are the contours? If the opposite of the situation were being experienced, what would it say about how you are caring for yourself? 

Always the soul is working toward the revelation of wholeness. It is the energy of beauty, and we are all, at our deepest Self, beautiful. We can breathe into, take time, take a walk, calm down and be in the question of what a particularly triggering or difficult situation is asking us to heed. If we do, we will see patterns and understand new ways we can add to the list of proactive self-care. 

Garden Champion Spotlight – The Green Man

The Green Man initially made its presence known in the art and cathedrals of the 12th century. Found in several traditions included Celtic, many hold that this evolved archetype was also represented by Jesus of Nazareth.

In the garden this archetype inspires: Ecological awareness. Honoring of our dependence on the natural world, greening, robustness, the natural marriage of Mother Earth and Father Sky, a renewed defense and championing of Mother Earth.

You can read more about the feminine and masculine archetypes in the Permission to Bloom virtual garden here.


November 1, 2022

November 1, 2022

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