Garden Champions

Rose image

In the Permission to Bloom virtual garden, champions of beauty and strength watch over the landscape. Champions include archetypes, goddesses, gods and mystics. Their influence has been felt in my life and I’m grateful for the energetic pattern they established.

Now more than ever we need their wisdom to see the cosmology of the whole, our relationship to ourselves, others and the planet to spark our authenticity, connection and championship of a world that works for all life.

Think of a lovely garden. As you walk the paths of the garden, statues grace and add a presence of elegance and beauty. They imbue a resonance of permanence and tranquility. This is the feeling tone here.

The intention is to activate the guidance of these archetypal energies and cosmic expressions in our transformation and their protection during this time of planetary evolution. This list is not meant to be exhaustive in the information provided or to represent that only one symbol encompasses their totality. The symbols and connections here reflect my inspiration from each of them. I invite you to assemble your own team of champions to call upon in your journey.

More ideas of champions to be added here are welcome. Contact me here.

Feminine Champions

Connecting us to the fire and compassion of the Divine Feminine and Mother Gaia

Mary Magdalene icon

Mary Magdalene

Jesus of Nazareth’s closest disciple and some hold his life partner, powerful healer and mystic in her own right, Mary Magdalene was once maligned by traditional church leadership. Now she is venerated by millions of followers worldwide.

In the Garden: The Iris

Inspiration: Sophia, the holy wisdom, the embodiment of the divine feminine, keeper of the Light.

Guanyin icon


Known by many names, the goddess Guanyin is a symbol for grace, beauty and compassion. Found in many cultures through art and prayer, she continues to call us to hold each other and the planet with respect.

In the Garden: Throughout the Orient, the “Flower of the Goddess” was the red China Rose, or scarlet hibiscus, five-petaled like the classic rose, before modern multi-petaled variations.¹ Also the Lotus.

Inspiration: Mercy and Compassion.²

Isis icon

Isis - Universal Goddess

A powerful female goddess³ from early human history, Isis the goddess has transmuted into many archetypes representing the power and majesty of the divine feminine energy.

In the Garden: Water

Inspiration: In early times her influence was over the entire cosmos. She was the provider of rain, enlivening all of the natural world.

Corn Mother icon

Corn Mother - Native American Indian

Mother Earth and Father Sky, the partnership of energies holding the planetary cosmos we call home, is a holistic view from Native American lineage. Corn Mother takes several forms as a matriarchal and maiden goddess archetype.

In the Garden: Corn

Inspiration: Abundance4, seasonality, fertility, grounding.

St. Hildegard icon

St. Hildegard of Bingen - 12th Century Mystic

Hildegard of Bingen was an audacious 12th Century Mystic, abbess of two communities, creative (music, art, holistic medicine) and a powerful voice who spoke truth to power, male leaders of her day.

In the Garden: Egg, seed

Inspiration: Holistic approach to all life. A consideration of the whole of life, a cosmology that includes humanity but is not holy centered upon humans only. A reverence and awe for all life.5

Masculine Champions

Helping us embody evolved masculine models

Green man icon

The Green Man

The Green Man6 7 initially made its presence known in the art and cathedrals of the 12th century. Found in several traditions included Celtic, many hold that this evolved archetype was also represented by Jesus of Nazareth.

In the Garden: Trees

Inspiration: Ecological awareness. Honoring of our dependence on the natural world, greening, robustness, the natural marriage of Mother Earth and Father Sky, a renewed defense and championing of Mother Earth.

Blue Man icon

The Blue Man

Also referred to as the Sapphire Blue Man8 9, this god and archetype is also found in several traditions including the Hindu deity, Krishna.

In the Garden: Heart

Inspiration: Creativity. Activating compassion (passion in action) to work to lift all life.

Spiritual warrior icon

The Spiritual Warrior

This archetype10 11 continues to influence modern day spiritual and religious communities including Tibetan Buddhism. It is a core framework for the hero’s journey.

In the Garden: Light

Inspiration: Bravery and compassion in service to others. Shining a light on injustice, ignorance and defending those who are endangered including animal and plant life on the planet.

Hunter gatherer icon

The Hunter-Gatherer

From the dawn of humanity, the strength, persistence and wit of the hunter gatherers12 have helped assure the continuation of humanity. Today the search for solutions and the gathering of community is more important than ever.

In the Garden: Curiosity, mental strength

Inspiration: Search for truth. The gathering of solutions to heal and transform.