Inside Each of Us is the Spark of Life, Our Inherent Beauty

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The good news: We are the only ones who can give ourselves permission to live from our deepest, most authentic self. Unlocking the power of that energy transforms us, and in so doing, our world. We can grant ourselves the authority, the permission, to bloom.

For ages, the feminine aspect of this spark has been darkened, shamed and oppressed. In this oppression the masculine has also suffered. We have internalized this oppression, even if we are not aware of the constraints.

We’ve been trained to think systems, authorities, others have the answers. “They” are the ones who have the authority to grant us sovereignty. We look outside ourselves for answers. We think someone or something else has the magic key to unlock our destiny. 

No matter where you are in the walk of life, your gender, role, age, or social station, you have been affected by the oppressive belief in external authorities.

The good news: We are the only ones who can give ourselves permission to live from our deepest, most authentic self. Unlocking the power of that energy transforms us, and in so doing, our world. We can grant ourselves the authority, the permission, to bloom.

Transformation and transitions can be hard. Identifying and “weeding” out or transforming the shadows in ourselves can be daunting. Finding resources to understand our unique traits and individual strengths and weaknesses takes time and persistence. We all work to shed false illusions and become a channel for life energy. In so doing I’ve unearthed a passion to create new and impactful ways for others to navigate the process.

Permission to Bloom is a virtual garden to inspire your personal transformation and release the beauty within you. It is a place to take solace, bolster yourself with encouragement, find community, all to bloom your most authentic self.

Permission to Bloom is a result of my desire to encourage others to discover their authentic inner beauty and move into the actualization of that splendor. It provides for the sharing of my personal experiences, aligning the stages of transformation to the seasons of a garden and the building of community and collaboration, creating an invitation for you to bloom.

Like any garden, this one will evolve. New features and opportunities to connect will be added. Join the newsletter for prompts on new content, features and invites.

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About Glenna Wiseman

I believe in the beauty and splendor within each person. Over the years, I’ve worked to help earth friendly companies thrive, and serve on the board of Women in Cleantech & Sustainability, to help women thrive in climate tech sectors. You can check out my professional career path here on LinkedIn.

Permission to Bloom allows me to move into realms of thriving for individuals. This blooming is from an authentic place of soul. Soul is a universal essence connected to Source. Thus, this blooming is in concert with the good for all. In so doing, like fostering a sustainable planet, helping individuals connect with their true self, will contribute to the transformation now underway for a world that works for all life.

Glenna Wiseman portraitHere I am, deep into the blooming process at the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden. Over the last COVID period, my passion for gardening has had expression as a Master Gardener.

My sojourn has included the study of many of the world’s religions. I’ve been an adherent and studied with Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jean Houston, Matthew Fox, Andrew Harvey, Caroline Myss and other New Thought Mystics for decades. My path has included mystical, soul bearing experiences I will share along our journey here.

Permission to Bloom logo

About the Logo

The Permission to Bloom logo has several inspired elements. It is articulated by my wonderfully talented colleague in the renewable energy industry Aimee Tuck.

The primary inspiration is the five petaled rose. Roses, so many wondrous varieties, are a special inspiration for me. There are many, many references to the rose as a powerful symbol for the feminine.

No flower, with the possible exception of the lotus, has borne so many connotations and interpretations as the rose. Throughout the Orient, the “Flower of the Goddess” was the red China Rose, or scarlet hibiscus, five-petaled like the classic rose, before modern multi-petaled variations. Like the five-petaled apple blossom and the five-lobed Apple, the rose formed a natural pentacle, sacred to the Goddess everywhere.*

The second reference is the labyrinth. The traditional symbol found the world over represents the spiraling journey to the center of our being and then back out, carrying with us the treasures gained.

The rose aspect of the logo is lit from within. We are “lit from within” with the fire of Life itself. Mystics proclaim this spark of the Divine and scientists affirm the original DNA of the universe within our cells. Light illuminates our journey.

The “Bloom” is dynamic, flowing, alive. It calls us to be all we are meant to be.

Fahai Buddhist Temple fresco image

About the Color Palette

Palette references a color system utilized to support a brand or project. This garden, like so many others, has color orchestrated into its design. The Permission to Bloom color palette represents the hues of nature, the four elements and the use of color to highlight seasonality for posts and insights.

Permission to Bloom Color Palette Inspiration

The Water-Moon Guanyin “Mind of Nature” image embodies the color palette. This is an amended version of a fresco in the Fahai Buddhist Temple in China.

Seasonal Colors

Dominant colors for posts highlight seasonal colors as an additional way to access and use insights.

  • Winter: White or Black
  • Spring: Green
  • Summer: Ocean Blue
  • Fall: Gold

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