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September 8, 2021


Last week a longtime colleague in the solar industry (my fulfilling day job) sent me this message:

Today, I especially appreciate your post on ‘permission to admit temporary defeat.’ You actually describe very well my thought process: ‘What if your soul’s version of the outcome is even more magnificent than you could have imagined? What if that current defeat is really life guiding you to a more wonderful outcome?’

Years ago she and I discussed the vision I had for writing uplifting, short passages that could be read in a short time frame. Her words of support have rung in my ears ever since. She is one of the chorus of beloveds who have helped me keep moving past moments of temporary, “in the moment it looks like” defeat to stay on my unique creative path.

How blessed we are to have our inner champion, Source, and our outer champions, those who show us the loving face of Life. Send grateful thoughts today to all those in your life who uplift and bless you.

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Permission to Admit Temporary Defeat

Every single one of us has had a moment we label as defeat. These are the moments when whatever it is we wanted and worked hard to achieve did not turn out the way we had planned or envisioned.

The defeat may have been as seemingly small as a recipe that went awry. It could have been a company that crashed and burned during the “Great Recession.” It could have been a great love that vanished in the whispers of the wind.

Defeat, in our minds, normally translates to failure.

But what if it was just a step along the path? What if by trying and being “defeated” by whatever the challenges are in any particular situation keeps us trying? Doing it again until we get it “right.”

In the core of my being, I applaud my effort and vision. I gave it all I had. I really did. Today I ask my soul, what if and what’s next in this current defeat. Gratitude flows from my heart and infuses my mind with new possibilities for outcomes more wonderful and magnificent than I could have ever imagined. I am so very blessed. Life loves me and I love It!

First, we have to have the courage to admit the temporary defeat of the moment. Ponder it. Revel in it if you can give yourself permission to do that. Revel with an intention – to admit and ponder the current defeat with such an open heart and mind that you let go of the egoic expectations of what should have been the result so that what could be the result emerges in your mind.

What if your soul’s version of the outcome is even more magnificent than you could have imagined? What if that current defeat is really life guiding you to a more wonderful outcome? “What if?” is a powerful question to ask in the depth of your being when you are facing a “defeat.”

Maybe the recipe, business, love life would all turn out more magnificently if you admit the temporary defeat, relax in it for a minute knowing you gave it all you had, and then ask, “what’s next?”


November 1, 2022

November 1, 2022

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