November 24, 2021

Hello Friends!

For those in the U.S. Thanksgiving is upon us. Hanukkah starts on Sunday. No matter your location or your holiday the act of gratitude and centering into the Love within you will bless your celebrations. 

We can feel pressure on the holidays to perform, to “make” holidays as special as possible for our family members and friends. We can do everything within our power to set the stage for warm and wonderful moments. Decorating for me personally is so fun and fulfilling. Truly holiday preparations start with us.  Within our own being. In the sacred space of our hearts we can welcome gratitude. We can connect with Life within us and make room for the beauty it has to reveal. 

Being in this holy vibration of Love, no matter what is whirling around us, we will be bolstered. We can then bring our calmness, humor, spaciousness and love to our families and friends. This gift, I believe, is the most potent we can bring.  It is the the gift that keeps giving.

Amid your holiday preparations give yourself the gift of deep breaths, acknowledging Life within you, Life holding you, Life blessing you and all those around you.


Permission to Respond with Love

There are things in life beyond our control: the death of a loved one, a pandemic, climate change. It is in moments when these events whirl around us that we are called to respond with Love. It’s as if Life is a great symphony playing a melody whose frequency is not always audible to our ears. Even if we cannot hear the music, in the midst of something difficult, we can walk in the trust it is there and we play a part in it.

Another metaphor would be to see ourselves as a strand of golden, beautiful thread being woven in a great tapestry. Sometimes our place is in the seen side of the weaving, other times it is “underneath” where our activities are not as transparent to others.

With both examples, and many more you can imagine, there is a greater vista than the one immediately visible in our life experience. From the greater good within us we can respond with love to the circumstances of our life.    

We can look beyond the immediate pain, failure, discouragement, sorrow or family drama and trust in a grander vista. That vista is love. Not the sappy, sentimental mush called love by our society. We can respond back to love with Love. We can call forth the remembering of the Love behind the entire Universe, the vibrant energy of the cosmos which creates all life. It is within us. By responding to the circumstances in our lives with Love, we are tapping into that which is at the very core of our being and allowing it to flood forth into our lives, bringing grace, joy and renewal in its wake.

Give yourself permission to stand in the great crucible of Love, responding to all that is in your life with a big “thank you!”

I acknowledge the beauty of which I am a part. In the grace of Love, I stand today and every day.  I allow Love to move through me, to bless everything around me. It is not an effort I do, simply a choice to allow.  I focus on Love today.  I focus on the good, and more good happens.


November 1, 2022

November 1, 2022

As we gear up for the full schedules ahead, this month’s post Permission to Put Down the Oars, reminds us of the importance of self-care. It reminds us to pay attention to the signs of “swimming upstream” energetically, and to take time to let the current’s flow move us, in grace.

July 26, 2022

July 26, 2022

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May 4, 2022

May 4, 2022

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