November 10, 2021

Hello Beloveds!

This is a potent moment.  A moment in human history of great dichotomy, unprecedented risk and opportunity.  You are all aware of the climate cliff we face as humans should we continue destructive behavior on the planet.  

This is a moment in which we might question our ability to make an impact for a positive outcome.  Surely we have all asked the question of what can we do individually. 

In today’s Musing we visit what we can do to help regenerate a world that is beautiful and works for all life.


Permission to Help Create a Beautiful World

The world is blooming new ideas, collaboratives, choruses to turn back the tide on the climate crisis. It is a potent time. A time of untoward peril and unprecedented opportunity.

It is also a time, for many, to feel impotent in the face of the scale of the problem. Turning back global climate crisis? Ensuring we have a planet that works for all life for future generations? This is a huge beyond words problem. One in which we can easily feel small, even useless.

Unless we are a global leader, climate tech business owner or sustainability expert it may seem our individual part is small, even inconsequential. How do we each contribute our part to support this planetary moment? Beyond all the practical things we can and need to do to act sustainably with world resources, how do we support this crucial moment?

The moment calls us to think beyond what got us here. This is an open at the top thinking and feeling that begs us to unite our heads and hearts with Life Itself. 

As “light workers” in this moment we are all crucial, even called to shine our conscious awareness and mindfulness into this very time. When we dare to join many others around the world in envisioning a world of regenerated beauty, we turn our attention and energy to positive solutions.

I go within and focus on beauty. I join with Source to co create a lush, beautiful world. I unearth my part and know I am not alone in acting upon it. Gratitude fills my heart for the millions of my brothers and sisters around the globe envisioning the blooming of Mother Earth. I join in this planetary moment envisioning and co creating a world that works for all life.


  • Practice Self Compassion: Have compassion for yourself. Love yourself. Allow the Source of loving energy to move through you, touching you first.
  • Release Density Through Forgiveness: Participate in active forgiveness practices. There are several you can use. Start with forgiving yourself in any and all ways. This clears a channel for creativity and full throttled living, thus creating the space for more solutions to reveal themselves.
  • Use Mindfulness and Conscious Awareness to Reduce Anxiety: Mindfully attend to your own anxiety and bring compassion to that which you are feeling. This process allows you to bolster yourself with calmness and grace to be an influence for good in your respective world. This the first and important work, which then allows us to reverberate good and calm energy out to all those in our spheres.
  • Discover Your Role: Actively sit in the question of what your role is. Ask what you can do in your home, business, professional life, volunteering and communities to regenerate a Mother Earth that works for all life. Stay in the question until you have direction from the Inner Splendor that is you, your channel for creative energy and source. Coming from this Sourcing you will have the stamina and energy to accomplish whatever it is you are guided to do. These steps are not “one and done.” It is a practice. Carve out even a few minutes each day to breath, center and be in the question. Open to the ideas that will emerge.
  • Resist FOMO: Resist the mental and emotional pull of FOMO, Fear of Missing Out, of not being part of the “in” crowd, or high profile group. I’m speaking to myself here, folks! This is our ego coming from fear and jealously maybe, potentially stopping us from taking action authentic to ourselves and our role in the blooming of a new age on the planet.
  • Practice with Others: Reach out to others in meditation and mindfulness practices. There is such power and peacefulness in joining with others. The world needs this Balm of Gilead, the energy of grace and peace, right now more than ever.
  • Keep Your Focus on Solutions: Add your energy and thought to positive visions of regeneration, whatever that looks like for you. You can access the work of Paul Hawken’s movement for ideas and visions. Your thought is powerful. It is creative. It adds to the field of creative energy pulling us all into the direction in which we want to go, a world of lush life and beauty, that works for us, and all of life.
  • Stay in Gratitude: The energy of gratitude is powerful, healing, attractive of more results you want to experience and reverberates out into all areas of our lives. Send thoughts of gratitude to all the youth, leaders, professionals who are making a positive difference in this climate crisis. Be grateful none of us does this alone. Focus on those you know and those you don’t, sending a blanket of gratitude initially warming your own heart. We then come full circle back to where this all starts, with you, and your unique Splendor and wondrous connection to Source.
  • Take Action: Whatever action(s) you are inspired from within to take, take them. Summon that “30 seconds” of courage if need be to contribute your voice and support to causes, policy, individuals and groups that are making a difference.


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