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July 26, 2022

Greetings community!

For each of us there is a touch point.  Something that so embodies what we care about that when it is threatened our hearts ache.  For me, one of those touch points are Monarch Butterflies. 

Last week the Monarch Butterflies were put on the Endangered Species List.  Let me say it again, glorious Monarch Butterflies, magical and amazing in their wonder and impact, are now an Endangered Species.  When I heard this news the only thing that comforted me was the knowingness of other species have been brought back to healthy states by us.  So, I ask you to contribute to groups helping the butterflies or what ever it is that tugs at your heart.

The post below is a call to action.  A call to go within and be in the inquiry of what this tragic, powerful and transformative time is calling forth from each of us.

All Blessings,

Permission to Be Your Deepest Heartbeat

What is Life calling forth from you? Below the expectations of what you should be, or who you should show up as in the world, what is the deepest heartbeat of you right now?

There are no mistakes that we are all here together, now, in this moment. No mistakes. In the midst of this great turmoil, we call our current reality, we are all here. We each have a role in the evolution of consciousness unfurling in, through and around us. There are no mistakes. If there are no mistakes, and we are all here, now as part of humanity, playing a role in what is transpiring, how are we showing up? Who are we showing up as? And why are we showing up as us now?

My former partners and I used to say, “if there is a pile of horse manure (we used a different word, FYI) then there must be a pony to ride here someplace.” There are very, very big piles of s@*t here in our world right now. The planet needs our help to regenerate. Mother Nature is sending out very big messages beckoning us to answer the call for regeneration. Humanity is suffering. In areas where climate change is impacting whole societies, countries, regions. Our four legged fellow earth mates, and all of life itself, is in a flux not seen before. Fairness is not the mantra in the highest court or governments in our country and others. We wage war against ourselves while the planet is calling for us to take action. What is our role in all of this? Is it enough to call it transformation and sit on the sidelines to watch the spectacle? If we vote for those whose track records at least allude to fairness, is that enough? If we march and carry placards, is that enough? Where are the ponies and are we the ones to ride them?

What is the highest good we can show up as in this time? No one has the answer to this question for you, except you. Life is expressing as each of us. The highest good we can engender in our lives is the good resident in our own hearts. 

When we go deep enough into the chambers of our soul, the high throne of love resplendent in the heart space, and we listen, long enough, deeply enough, we will start to get answers. Answers in alignment with our soul’s purpose. Oh the ego will have answers. It will tell us we are not enough. It will repeat over and over to us the false echoes of our younger selves wrought in the world without the filters of wisdom, soaking up the energetic patterns of those around us and society at large. That is not who you are. Those vibrational frameworks are not who you are. They are reflections of the best intentions surrounding you as a young one. You no longer need to carry the energetic patterns of life others projected upon you, no matter how well intentioned or not.

You are also not the thoughts you brandished upon yourself. In states of awareness you created in the past, you branded yourself or your actions as “fill in the blank.” You declared you were not enough. You said you or your actions were, “fill in the blank.” Less than what you would do now, less than what you felt the truth of your being to be in the moment, probably. But you don’t have to live out of those old patterns anymore.

Now you have the same power. You, the deepest, most glorious part of you, a chamber of Light, Love, Connection, Beauty, Heartbreakingly Glorious Life – you can reveal the truth of who you truly are. 

That truth, that beauty, that love is what the world needs now. It is what needs to show up to reveal a world fair and lovely for all life. A world mirroring the universe of beauty within each of us.

In this time of great turmoil, of unprecedented unfairness, of old paradigms clinging desperately, falsely, unabashedly to realities of the past, there is the absolute knowingness within us that the solutions do not exist at the level of the problems. They do not exist in the thinking that created the realities. They exist in a higher frequency, a higher love, a higher calling. 

I do not know the answers. None of us sees the totality of the new horizon. We cannot know what the baby looks like, to use a very human example, until the birthing pains are over, and the face of the new life is visible to us. 

All life comes forth from the invisible first. All form emerges from the formless. The highest vibration of the formless beats in your soul, in your heart. Go there. Be there. Sit in the Light of your highest self, however that occurs for you, and give thanks. Start with the gratitude of the freedom you have right where you are, reading these words. That freedom is yours no matter what. The freedom to be the best you can be, the best you already are, is here now. It holds the answers to how you can show up in this moment Life is calling us.

Today, in this very moment, I enter into the chamber of my most sacred Self and give thanks. I give thanks for me. I give thanks for my connection to all of Life. I give thanks for the heartbeat of my Love, my Life, my contribution. I listen with gratitude to the sweet voice of intuition within me to guide my way, knowing I am guided to be and give my unique contribution. I am guided to contribute. I release all judgement. I release all expectations. I am one with my authentic Self. It shines the Light before me and graces all those with whom I interact. I show up as me, and take whatever action I am guided to do, from this Source within me.


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