December 17, 2021

Hello Beloved Community!

Winter Solstice is nearly upon us. Its message of hope, of trust in the Light’s return even in the deepest moments of darkness, is the north star of today’s Musing and bonus material.

This season the juxtaposition of opposites is striking. For it is also a year of unprecedented loss. Many of us have lost loved ones; to COVID, to natural disasters, illness and other reasons. You may have close friends and family members with empty chairs at their celebrations.

Weeks ago, I started thinking about how this much loss will impact folks this year around the holidays. My inquiry was how can this level of loss be comforted. This brought me back to my beloved friend, Nancy Lipari’s, Near Death Experience (NDE). 

It’s been 30 years since Nancy and I became friends. We are on a spiritual journey rich with rewards. I learned of her NDE early in our friendship. Her story is much like the thousands of others told around the world except it happened over three days. Her account has been written up in books, and on the full post page you will find a video account. (Note: in a few days since the video was posted it remarkably has had over 3,800 YouTube views!)

What you will also find is an account of hope. Potentially you will find comfort in her Musing. In the art and poetry included as a bonus and in the resources about her story.

I’m delighted to feature her consciousness, expressed in word, experience and art, in this holiday series post.

May the Light bring you and yours comfort and peace.



Permission to Awaken New Possibilities

By Nancy Lipari

This moment is my moment of choice.

We have forgotten who we truly are beyond the nature of duality. The current reality put forth by consciousness of the populace simply doesn’t accurately portray the whole story. The social norm is to forget that this is a Spiritual Universe. Gradually we awaken to the truth of who we are as it is revealed to us through our insights, meditations, books, elders, church groups, and study of the new discoveries of quantum physics.

Following my Near Death Experience (NDE), which was an indescribable process of unconditional Love, I sought to keep the comfort and fulfillment of that wonderful experience alive. I found one of the easiest ways for me to move into union with the internal, eternal Divine Essence is a very simple process. (The actual NDE experience is available to you through some links below).

I regularly set aside 5 to 15 minutes a day to read a passage I find inspirational. As I read each word, I focus on the meaning behind the words. Or, sometimes, I contemplate the use of the words in my own life, asking myself “What is significant in this passage to me? Do the words inspire an action for me to take? Are the words speaking to my soul’s purpose? If I decide to take a particular action, how will it serve me? Others?” I ponder choices I have made, look for patterns of behavior and seek to reveal my soul’s purpose. As I focus on understanding the revelations of the passage I selected to read, my idle mind-chatter fades away. I follow the flow of my breath and quietly listen for any understanding about the passage to reveal itself to me.

Remembering what we focus on expands, it becomes apparent that as we focus on our inner feelings, we drop out of our hypnotic addiction to the material world where we are just continually, endlessly unpacking and repacking the same old habits in the same old suitcase. This prevents us from actually entering into any new behaviors. Consequently, we tend to create the same patterns again and again only with new people and new situations. We have become trapped by the neurological paths in our minds embedded in childhood and endlessly perpetuated by societal standards.

My Near Death Experience showed me we take ourselves with us wherever we go. More specifically we take our consciousness with us wherever we go. Therefore, it is our conscious awareness we need to cultivate.

Focusing on the inspirational message brings feelings of peace. When we feel peaceful, we become more compassionate. Becoming more compassionate, we are able to respond to recent events with a new perspective. We realize it is up to us to awaken to new possibilities. Life is choice. Perhaps from this new understanding we allow ourselves to choose a way to respond to the event with love. Each moment is my moment of choice.

To choose to respond with love, not to simply have a thoughtless knee-jerk reaction, we release our angst and judgements. We pause, take a few deep breaths, open up our hearts as we invite Grace to flow into the situation. As we choose to respond with love, for others and ourselves, we are lifted up by Grace into the ‘Field’ described by quantum physics. The Field contains an infinite potential of outcomes and the outcome we focus on is the one we activate.

When we focus on a loving response, we automatically activate the potential of a new, unexpected, wonderful experience and invite it into our lives. The old pattern can fall away. The space has been made for a new, brighter, more fulfilling future to manifest for ourselves and all others involved. We bridge the gap between the two realities with love. In this way, we bring Heaven to Earth.

There is nothing to fix. There is nothing to overcome. I respond to life’s activities with love. I let laughter bubble up from within. This is my moment. I rejoice in my life. I am grateful. I love my life.


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