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Season: Spring

Permission to Surrender

By Glenna Wiseman

If life is like gardening, and there are many who say it is, then there comes a moment in the gardening process when you have to surrender to nature’s process to bring forth the blooms. This is the moment when there is nothing more for you to do. You’ve done all that you can do – all the planting, weeding, watering, pruning, praying and hovering. Now you have to wait. You can still ask the question of Life “is there more for me to do?” Even in this question you still have to surrender some space in your mind and heart to hear the answer.

Life is like the garden. There are moments when you’ve done all you can do except surrender and wait. Wait until there is clear direction as to what next you need to do to manifest the harvest. Whether its roses, rosemary or rhubarb we all must wait for the harvest. The trick is knowing it is time to surrender.

What does it mean to give yourself permission to surrender?

Maybe it is time to give yourself permission to surrender when you’ve done all you can do in any given situation. When your mind is fraught with overwork and your body is hurting, it’s time to rest if only for a few minutes or a day. In a relaxed state more ideas can come forth as to what you can do to move a given situation to the result you are hoping to manifest.

It’s time for you to surrender to another option when every other direction has been exhausted.

It is time to surrender when the situation is beyond your control and to trust in the good is the only reasonable response.

It is time to surrender when anything more you would do comes out of fear, anger or anxiety. How can anything good come from these negative emotions? So surrender. Stay in the moment. Give yourself a break. Meditate, relax, take a walk, a hot shower, call a friend. Anything but act out of a space that is not productive.

When we give ourselves permission to surrender to a greater Good, then good things happen.


I give myself permission to relax, take a deep breath, step back and pay attention to what is blooming in my soul.

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