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Permission to Let Go of It

By Glenna Wiseman
This sounds like it should be an affirmation of being instead of doing. However consciously letting go of a mindset or position the ego has taken is a whole lot of doing.

It takes effort to move your mind from a position or groove it has set around a particular situation, person or outcome. Once the ego starts carving out a point of view, the mind goes over and over it until it is set into a groove. In your brain, an idea thought about enough times literally creates thought patterns and synapses – connections or routes over which the thought travels and becomes ingrained in your consciousness. “Undoing” the groove and creating a new thought pattern takes work. There is no easy way around this work. Over and over again you must move from the old thought to the new one, affirming each time that you are creating a new groove, a new thought, one out of which you consciously choose to manifest new experiences.

Permission to let go of it is a conscious, thoughtful effort to rise above whatever worn out ideas you are holding to new ones that will set you free. Free from old emotions, free from old expectations, free to live a new life on a new vibration of joy.

You can use the analogy of holding an old moldy worn out ball in your hand. Just open up your fingers and let it fall out. See the “old ball” old thought patterns, grudges, animosities, annoyances, petty and large fall away and in the space left in your hand, visualize the new idea or freedom you want to experience. Over and over again feel what it feels like to have that new idea manifesting in your life. If you don’t know what the new idea “looks or feels like” then imagine a feeling of freedom, lightness, joy, spaciousness opening up inside of you just as readily as letting go of the old ball and seeing a new space in the palm of your hand.

You choose what you hold onto to. Hold onto that which gives you joy.


I let go of any and all old grudges and worn out ideas of who I am. In the space of where those thoughts used to reside, I clearly see new ideas, new energy, new joy, new freedom pronouncing themselves as me! I say YES, YES and YES!

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