Season: Fall

Permission to Lead a More Deeply Satisfying Life

By Glenna Wiseman

Deep within each of us is the light, the Source essence, the spark of life irrevocably and uniquely ours. We are born with this life essence, Soul, whatever word you want to use to describe that which is within you. You did not earn this special something simultaneously authentically yours and connecting you to all of life. It shines within you no matter what circumstances you were physically delivered into. This life stuff is yours by “divine inheritance.”

This light does not wish you to be poor, downtrodden, or limited in anyway. It does not demand your adherence to rules, regulations, expectations or demands. It does not ascribe a path or destiny.

This soul stuff simply is – light, love, energy translating to rich potentiality. What you make of this potential and how you direct the energy of this “light” is purely and squarely your responsibility and opportunity. 

Giving yourself permission on any level to lead a more deeply satisfying life opens a door into and out of this life essence within you. As you keep giving yourself permission to enter into and come from this place within you, you build a path upon which you can experience more and more moments of satisfaction and happiness.

Think of it like playing tennis. Once you have hit that tennis ball squarely and powerfully over the net, feeling the force of a focused and powerful connection, you can more readily repeat this successful tennis move. Your brain now understands how this tennis action feels when successfully executed. A neurological pathway has been constructed through practice and training to create the “aha” tennis moment. Now your brain can more readily deliver the signals to the body to repeat this result. Over time, with repetition, the brain will fine tune the skill to deliver more nuanced sophistication and higher levels of success. 

Leading a deeply satisfying life, built upon the unique essence of your soul beauty, is no different at its core than training for game winning tennis. You must recognize the potential within you. You must train. You must repeat until your brain has new neurological pathways upon which to build more success in the endeavor. You fine tune until your skills are to the level of your very best self.

You also must surface and clear any blocks and belief systems holding you back. More on this in other posts.

As you give yourself permission to feel deeply satisfying moments the resonance of those moments will reverberate within you. They will transform you. They will lead you to a happier life. This is a life not dependent on external stimuli. A deeply satisfying life springs forth from within you. It is fruit of your persistence to connect with the beauty within you. The practice of “going within” over and over again carves out a path. From this channel i.e., new neurological pathway, satisfaction can flow, happiness established, and more moments of deep contentedness can blossom forth until your life shines with ease and grace.


Today and every day I affirm the rich beauty and authenticity of my unique life essence. With reverence and thanksgiving, I give myself permission to enter into this soul space, creating moments of deep satisfaction accumulating into a life of contentment, a life of joy!
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