Red rose

Season: Spring

Permission to Discover a Red Rose

By Glenna Wiseman
There was a red rose!

There was a rose in the bushes. A perfect red rose! Stuck there on my way home from taking my son to school, a perfect red rose in the bushes. I stopped to see if it was fake. It didn’t belong there. There was no rose bush to go with it. Just the red rose poised perfect and strong in some other kind of non-rose bush.

There was a red rose. Who put it there?

I took it home and put it in a vase. I filled it with water. From my garden I cut sweet little pink roses and surrounded the red rose in the vase with the camaraderie and happiness of its little pink cousins. Now it had a home, like me, the perfect red rose. It was all by itself in the wrong kind of bush, now it had a home.

Who put it in that bush? How did it arrive on that bank of bushes for me to find?

It was a wonderful sign. I was home. And so was the rose.


Today I open my heart to the surprises of Life, the signs and symbols of the language of Spirit. It is speaking to me of Love and Life and Joy and rightness of being. I accept the grace of unexpected joy!

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