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Permission to Change the L.E.N.S.

By Glenna Wiseman

LENS – How you see your life really does matter!

L – Love
E – Engenders a
N – New
S – Self View

How you see your life really does matter. Your perspective creates your reality. Your point of view or the lens through which you perceive your life is the ultimate determination of the quality of that life. Your “life lens” shapes you, your life and your experiences. Change the way you see your life and your life will change.

Your perspective determines whether you live victoriously or as a victim, whether you live and create your life from an old family drama long overdue for change or from the freshness and aliveness of Spirit as you now!

Your point of view shapes your reality. The reality you create every day and the future you are seeding with the beliefs of your viewpoint. How do you discover what lens you are using on your life? When you figure it out how do you determine if it is the picture of your life you see as your highest vision?
Once you’ve got your POV (Point of View) rightly adjusted, then what?

This adventure of “right seeing” is what we are here to discover. How does the creative force of the Universe see you, its creation? Can you answer that question with complete conviction? Does the very question scare you or seem implausible to consider? Yet you are an expression of the creativity of Life. Beating the odds with your very presence on Earth, yours is a unique and purposeful, meant to be, life. If you could see yourself as Life sees you, would that change how you see yourself? How you see your life? What would you do with that life?

We are here to explore what lens you are using to view and frame your life and change it for one rightly aligned with your life purpose. Once you discern how you “see” your life and the impact that perspective has had on your reality, you are halfway there to changing your life for the better.

The belief systems we hold shape our very existence. But often those belief structures are hidden from us, like the foundation of your home. You know it is there, but it is not apparent as you sit at your dining room table. All the structures laid upon it are visible. Certainly, you know if the foundation is not plum because the dog’s ball rolls down the floor with a life of its own. It is the same with your life, you just may not have thought of it in this way. If the belief foundation of your life is skewed by a fissure of victimhood it takes profound work to uncover that breach in the structure and fix it. Just like bearing down into the foundation of a building takes planning, effort and resources, so too does “soul work” take – work! The end result is worth it – the very quality of your life experience is at stake. You are worth the effort of your own discovery.

Your point of view frames your life. A picture frame evokes structure for a piece of art. Similarly, your thoughts, ideas, and beliefs create the framework for your life. It is totally within your power to frame your life for joy or for sorrow. How you see your life and the happenings within it dictate whether you perceive it as happy or sad.

Even in the darkest hour, how we see that hour and whether we recognize a light shines within our experience despite our ability to see it or not, creates the structure upon which our future is created. As humans we have the ability to feel more than one emotion at a time. Feeling the pain of loss, or the uncertainly of change, we can also stand apart from that feeling and see if from a new point of view. Even if all we do in a moment of darkness is to know in our hearts a brighter day will come, we are creating a powerful frame for that brighter day. We are putting forth a point of view, a belief in that brighter day, thus the power and intention of our belief will carry us to that day.

Discovering you are the “framer” of your life takes perspective. We are familiar with our understanding in the power of individual action. Understanding how our point of view creates our lives may be a new discovery.


My LENS is clear. I see my life through the vision of love, peace, joy and happiness. I reframe my perspective to see the beauty within myself and all of life around me!

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