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Season: Spring

Permission to Be-Ing

By Glenna Wiseman

We hold such resistance to “just” be-ing. Look at the rose. Is it not fulfilling its destiny being the rose? Does it have to do more, be more, justify its existence? Even this simplistic example can cause us to pause and ask “what would it feel like to be?” What would we be in the space of allowing ourselves to discover be-ing as us?

Expectations of who and what we are meant to be engulf us like a wave against the shore, constantly modeling our behavior, thoughts, feelings, and ability to discover just who we would be if be-ing were the only thing we needed to do.

Two aspects of this permission to be process hold hope for a clearer vision of who we are meant to be.

The first part of the process is to create the space “to be.” Music can be such an amazing portal to the quietness and original joy of our soul. Inspiring music can lift us away from the cares of the day. It can impart a peace of mind to neutralize concerns if only for a few minutes. Whatever tool you use for carving out a space to just be yourself, do it, regularly. Like physical exercise the regularity of the effort pays off in time. Giving yourself the permission and investing in the discipline of the soul space will yield results as surely as a farmer, through persistent effort and resources, will experience the harvest.

This first permission to be is also an open question. It is a question to the soul. What would I be if I gave myself permission to be it? Asking the question is a powerful process. Once inquired, open your mind and heart to the answers that come from your heart and soul. If you’ve not asked such questions, then it may take a while to work through layers of disconnected expectations for answers to bubble up to your conscious awareness.

Along the way you can look for clues. The need to just be clues show up as stress related symptoms. Your mind, emotions and body may be telling you to slow down, relax, and find space to “be.”

Clues may be related to boredom, despair, emotional disconnect. Where is your joy? Is there something trying to surface or message from your intuitive voice you are ignoring? Time to just be so the answers can reveal themselves.

Clues may look like what brings you joy now, or what brought you joy in the past that could be revisited now.


I have permission to be – be me; be vibrant; be still, be joyful, be tearful, be alone. I have the keys to unlock the permission to be me, only I do, and I use them.

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