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For My Father

The Permission to Bloom virtual garden is dedicated to my father, Walter “Wally” Wiseman,

an artist and gardener whose lens filtered for the beauty in all things

and whose generosity of soul found friendship wherever he went. 

I see you, Dad, in the bluebird! 

Thank you for winging your way into my life even now!

P.S. my heart misses you and is so grateful for the sweet moments with you I can cherish now.


Wally Wiseman. Photo credit: David Hori

Glenna Wiseman portrait

For My Dad on His Celebration of Life

A blue feathered friend answered the welcome call, pointed out his grandson, of Dad’s Shangri-La.

No matter the address or plot of land, Dad created his own heaven on earth, his garden, by his hand.

Dad’s gardens shone with beauty, ornate designs passersby might miss for wild growth- pandemonium, Dad’s Mother Nature, wild and free.

A freeway drive once revealed a truth. Dad bestowed roses every visit, it dawned on me as I drove, these were his “I love you’s” now a message received.

Beauty for him was a fluid pulse, its beat he honored in children, pen and paper, clay and the remote.

Dad was in his own parade of meeting the next friend to be. No one was a stranger, each in his view, a path to God, a beloved.

One day a letter arrived thanking me for having his grandson. Simple words, cherished note, now forever in the space of each heart stroke.

Dad seemed to hug the world – wrapping others in his sweet soul. A generosity of heart shared freely in each hug or joke he bestowed.

His laughter was contagious – rang out at events, halls, home. Those high times he cherished, family round him, laughter strong. 

His home, their home was open to all – like our blue feathered friend. Now Dad’s home is the vista, the heaven, the wind.

His life was homage to laughter, beauty captured, shoulders hugged. How blessed we are to have been there, seen a bit through his eyes, felt his smile, yes – visitors all in Wally’s world.

Tears honor his impact, bear witness to his love. The light of countless memories upon which we will now depend to carry us forward, live lives of beauty, walk the path, honor his name.