November 4, 2021

Hello Beloveds!

It is getting to be “that” time of year!  When the glow of holidays can become the stress to perform, entertain and make sure everyone in our orbits are happy.

What if you were to start with your own happiness?  Letting the rich, joyful energy of Life fill you up first?  Surely as we “practice the Presence” and experience even more deeply the gift of Life within us, we have more energetic joy to emanate to others.

Today I invite you to a practice of play that begins with knowing you are loved.  From the inside out, the originating energy of all life, love, is all around you. I call it forth to bless and lift you as we head into the busy days ahead. 

Yours always,

Permission to Experience P.L.A.Y.

P.L.A.Y. = Perfect Love is all Around You! 

When we contemplate playing, we think of fun, joyfulness, a lighthearted childlike approach to life that is open armed and full hearted. As we get to be adults the types of play certainly change. Sometimes our approach to the joyful aspects of playtime is throttled by the responsibilities of being older.

Today we are going to give ourselves both the opportunity to think of play in a new way and a chance to explore new ways to play. 

What if we approached life as if perfect love was really all around us all the time? What if love were an energy field? And that energy is indeed all around us as life itself and what if the energy was the originator of all that is good, wonderful and beautiful? What if joy really was an aspect of the very vibratory field surrounding you every day whether you are tuned into it or not? 

Give yourself permission to imagine that field of possibility all around you, perfect love holding you in its constant embrace. What would you allow yourself to think, imagine or do if such were the case? Would you write a poem? Call a friend? Have lunch with your spouse? Read a book? Write a book? Watch a comedy? Dance a jig? 

I tune into the playful, warm and loving energy surrounding and supporting my life. It has no judgment or expectations. I am free to relax in the joy of being alive, awake and aware. I give myself permission to play!


Think of an old fashion radio with its dials. Imagine yourself tuning into a “higher” station, a station that broadcasts this PLAY frequency and programming. Now imagine the signal filling up the space all around creating a buoyant feeling of lightness, of playfulness with no expectation of what you need to do with it, just ease and grace all around you. Spread out your arms and welcome the embrace of this playful feeling. Let yourself really feel its warm energetic embrace. Now ask yourself, what calls you to celebrate you?


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